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Windows and Doors


 Interior Doorsdoor abstract       Glass blind on hinges for easy access to window.
                                  window curtain open 2    window curtain open

A unique "theme" or design is created for each client. No two doors are the same as they are all created by hand. Clients are encouraged to chose images that tie into them or their surroundings.  

The themes below are examples of what clients have had created for them. Often photos of the surroundings will help in determining a theme that fits.


Full length glass 22"x 68" for interior  375.00   

-made into a thermo unit for exterior 475.00 CND


3/4 length glass 22"x 48" for interior  300.00   

-made into a thermo unit for exterior 400.00 CND


1/2 length glass 22"x 36" for interior  275.00   

-made into a thermo unit for exterior 350.00 CND


 After                           "Fractured Rocks"copy of awsom photo fractures



copy of before pic


 moorhead2   dough entrance


 debbie latham entrance2

wendal entrance

 Oak Tree

Zen Abstract


mark rocks  2

Rocks and Valleys


ski doorsimg_3587

Ski Mountains


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humming birds snapHumming Birds
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